5 Ways Botanical Art Stands Out - Kelley Art Botanica

5 Ways Botanical Art Stands Out - Kelley Art Botanica

The history of botanical art goes back thousands of years. It was used for religious purposes, medicine, and even decoration. Today, botanical art is still very popular and we know why! Incorporating nature into your environment every day reduces stress, creates a feeling of tranquility & it's just beautiful to be honest.

What is Botanical Art?

Botanical art has been around since ancient times. In fact, some believe that botanical art originated from the Egyptians. Some people think that the first botanical paintings were done by Chinese artists during the Tang Dynasty (618–907). However, there are many other theories about where botanical art came from. For example, some people say that botanical art began in India. Others say that it started in China. Still others say that it began in Europe. Regardless of it's origin, the focus of creating art based on the inspiration of nature is & always will be timeless.

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Here are five reasons why botanical art stands out from other forms of art.

Botanical Art Is Beautiful

People love botanical art because it makes them feel good. They enjoy looking at it and touching it. In addition, these luscious green art pieces require zero maintenance which makes them even more attractive as part of a modern lifestyle.

Botanical Art Adds Texture

Modern moss art/botanical artists use an array of materials. They can range from flowers, bark, wood, shells, feathers, fur, crystals, mirror and other objects. Using these varying objects together creates a synergy of materials that literally stand out! The contrast of warm and colder materials is truly eye-catching and makes botanical art perfect to use as an accent piece.

Botanical Art Is Unique

There are many different ways that botanical art stands out. One way is that moss is such a plush material. Each type of moss is layered into the finished product and provides a varying sense of texture, greenery, and organic qualities. Several artists blend moss to create their final masterpiece. It is similar to weaving in that each material is stacked and layered to create the final look.

Botanical Art Creates Comfort

There is nothing comparable to the feeling one gets when outside in nature. Moss art provides that botanical feel, but brings it indoors to homes, living rooms, boardrooms and restaurants. 

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Botanical Art Is A Modern Option

When designing an interior space the hardest thing to accomplish is synergy of colors. Colors are very "seasonal" in that your preference of a palette will change over time. Moss Art is the perfect modern neutral for any space. Either as an accent wall, or an accent piece; botanical art is a way to differentiate your space.

It's one of the most popular forms of art today.

As lifestyles evolve, so forms of art. Modern life has become incredibly busy and stimulating that it gets hard to "turn it off" at the end of the day. Botanical art is a way to remind ourselves of the natural beauty in life, and they also literally help us reduce day to day stress when looking at them. Whether you are a designer, realtor, or home decor enthusiast these artworks are what will set your space apart.

Art Botanica is proud to be a part of this design movement.

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