Custom Moss Wall Designer I Kelley Art Botanica, Los Angeles, CA

Custom Moss Wall Designer I Kelley Art Botanica, Los Angeles, CA

Custom Moss Wall Art Is Exploding In The Design Industry

If you are a lover of plants and natural design aesthetics, then you will absolutely love the look of a custom wall art piece in your space. These unique pieces of botanical art bring the outdoors inside, and turn space into wonderland of greenery.

Preserved Vs. Live Moss

When deciding on what type of custom moss wall you will buy there are two main options. Live Moss & Preserved. Both are not created equal and if you are a busy traveller like myself, then preserved is the way to go.

With preserved moss the moss is taken from the forest and is then processed so that it can retain all of its lush qualities without the maintenance long term. This preservation technique results in moss that sustains vibrant color, amazing texture & is plush looking/to the touch. Preserved moss is best when decorating indoors.

Types of Preserved Moss

Preserved moss is not the same as dried moss. Dried moss is typically dehydrated which results in a crispy and flaky texture and doesn't last nearly as long as preserved moss wall art will.

custom moss wall art

Do Moss Walls Attract Bugs?

Preserved moss art does not attract bugs because it is no longer "alive". Insects are naturally attracted to water and soil. These wall panels are NOT maintained by watering which removes this risk.

Caring For Your Custom Moss Wall 

As mentioned above the real beauty of these items are that they do not require watering, soil upkeep or even sunlight! If you would like to "dust" them off every once in a while you can simply take a blow dyer and blow some cool air towards the piece. This will remove any dust and return the piece to its natural state.

Moss Green Walls

If you are looking to decorate a larger space like retail, a corporate office or even an event space moss green walls are a great option! They will add a unique accent to any space, and are even great for social media pictures to further extend the reach of your brand/event.

Moss Wall With Logo's

Moss walls with logo's embedded are a great way to add natural design elements to any entryway/reception area. The greenery of this accent brings a sense of peace and trust to any space and takes away the hassle of choosing the right paint color for your interior space.

custom moss wall panels

Moss Panels

If you simply want to create a visual impact, but keep things simple than buying custom sized moss panels is a great option. Moss panels can be cut to size, can be easily installed, they improve air quality and can be amazing for reducing noise.

How Much Does A Living Wall Cost?

Costs will vary depending on sizing, if you buy an existing design, or if you want to create your own custom wall art piece. No matter what option you decide upon. We can confidently say that will never regret your decision.

Art Botanica is proud to be a part of this design movement.

We offer done for you pre-designed items and custom art installations. Visit our collection to view our products.


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