Framed Moss Art - Eco-friendly Home Decor Idea

Framed Moss Art - Eco-friendly Home Decor Idea

Do you LOVE the look of greenery, but don't have a green thumb? Framed moss art is the perfect eco-friendly home decor option that a ton of designers are adding to their residential, corporate, and retail spaces.

Framed Moss Art - Why buying a preserved piece is best!

Framed moss art is an eco-friendly home decor item that does not require any maintenance or watering. It is hassle-free, since there is no dirt or sun required for the moss to live. That is if the moss used to create the artwork is preserved.

Preserved moss is when glycerol is added and replaces the water content of fresh moss. It is also the crucial component for you being able to buy it, design with it, and then enjoy it with no further attention required.

framed moss art

How long has framed moss wall art existed?

Moss walls have been around for a while now, but framed moss wall art is a new trend that we are seeing enter the market. These smaller wall artworks are now being used to decorate residential interior spaces.

These botanical art pieces are showing up in people's homes, offices, and even outdoor spaces. Buying your own moss wall art piece will add a layer of nature and luxury to your space and that is why these green wall art pieces are becoming so popular!

How long does preserved moss last?

That is a great question! The lifespan of framed moss art really depends on the type of moss used and how it is framed. If you buy a framed moss wall art piece that has preserved moss, it can last indefinitely without any water or sun.

How to hang your framed moss wall art

All of the moss artwork items at Art Botanica come pre-framed which makes it super easy to hang. Simply choose the room you would like this accessory to be placed and you can either hang or lay it up against a wall.

Does framed moss wall art smell?

Your moss art may smell "Earthy" upon arrival. This is normal, and over a few weeks, it will fully go away. Some people love the smell, others do not, and most don't even notice it. If you are particularly sensitive we recommend you place it in a well-ventilated room, or outside, but out of the elements like a covered patio. In a few short weeks, the smell will be 100% gone. 


Framed moss wall art is the perfect purchase if you love the look of plants, want to bring the outside in, and want your wall decor to match the luxury of your modern space.

At Art Botanica I think of my botanical art as a window into the harmony of the natural world. I want people to feel and experience that joy, love, and divinity that can be seen so clearly in nature.

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