Framed Moss Wall Art: Botanical Luxury For Your Space

Framed Moss Wall Art: Botanical Luxury For Your Space

Looking to add a touch of luxury to your residential or commercial space? Framed moss wall art could be the perfect touch to your wall decor needs.

Moss wall art is becoming an increasingly popular way to add a touch of nature indoors. The best part about moss walls is that they are low maintenance and bring the outdoors inside, which creates a feeling of tranquil bliss that other art simply cannot provide.

Ready to learn everything about owning your very own piece of framed moss wall art?

Here are 8 questions that every customer asks before they buy!

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What is preserved moss wall art?

Preserved moss wall art is different from live moss walls in that it has been treated prior to the wall art item being created. The moss is treated with a natural solution so that it can maintain its color and plush quality.

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Are moss walls healthy?

Moss walls are a great addition to any space. They have been shown to detoxify the air from mold, mildew and other harmful particles that make your room smell less than fresh. They also release negative ions into the air which creates a more crisp and clean feel. Bringing a touch of nature inside and their vibrant green colors make any space they are decorating more peaceful.

How long does a moss wall last?

Do moss walls clean the air?

Yes, moss walls are great for indoor air quality. They are especially helpful in homes with pets that bring in allergens through their fur.

Do moss walls attract bugs?

No, there is no evidence that moss walls will attract bugs or other pests which makes them a safe option for any space.

Does moss wall art need sunlight?

Does moss wall art need sunlight??

Moss walls can adapt to a variety of different lighting conditions. They do not need direct sunlight in order to maintain their vibrancy and lush qualities. You can also rest easy knowing you don't have to worry about your piece dying from a lack of sunlight exposure. The best thing is to keep your moss wall out of direct sunlight so that it will maintain it's vibrancy for years to come.

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Do moss walls smell?

There is no odor associated with preserved moss wall art. They can be enjoyed by anyone looking to bring a sense of nature indoors without the worry of toxic smells or odors.

How long does a moss wall last?

Because they do not need direct sunlight or water, your framed moss walls will last for years! Framed moss wall art can bring tranquility to any space that needs some nature without the worry of upkeep.

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How do you take care of moss wall art?

Moss walls are very low maintenance and can be easily cleaned with a cloth if necessary. Otherwise, the only thing you need to do is find the perfect space for your wall art, hang it (or place it) and then enjoy its beauty!

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Framed moss wall art is perfect if you want a low-maintence decor item that adds natural botanical beauty to your residential or commercial space.

Contact us for your very own custom moss wall art or shop all of our framed moss wall art pieces in our online shop.

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