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The Green Accent Wall Idea [You Didn't Know Existed]

green accent wall

Green accent walls have been becoming a trend that many home decor enthusiasts & interior designers alike are using as a tool to make their spaces feel more inviting, tranquil and warm.

There are several options available if you want to incorporate a green wall into indoor space. Paint, textured or graphic wall paper, art work, or our personal favorite, a preserved moss wall!

Choosing design elements for a space can be overwhelming! Traditional interior design methods used to utilize color in mainly the furniture, art or accents. Now anything goes, as even bold colors can be used on the walls and act as a neutral. Green accent walls fall into this category.

Green Wall Back Drops - The Best Way To Create Visual Impact In Your Decor 

The best thing about decorating with a strong color, or even a moss art wall like we create at Art Botanica is that you can create a huge visual impact that really takes your space to the next level.

Our suggestion would be to choose one wall, and either paint, or place your plant wall. This will help design choice feel deliberate (in a good way) and not overpowering. Less is more in most things right? Design is no different.

green wall ideas

Botanical Green Accent Walls - Perfect For Your Bedroom, Living Room or Dining Room Space

Gone are the days of red rooms for romance or living rooms that are "stuffy" feeling. A well designed home should feel welcoming, and in unison with life! Adding greenery/botanicals to your space does just that. All of our custom made designs are perfect for your bedroom, dining or living room space.

All you have to do is choose your design, we ship and you place it. It's that easy!

What Goes Well With A Green Accent Wall?

When you choose to use a color or textured item as your 'statement piece' we suggest sticking to other items that are classic in nature. Having too many items that are ornate will cause your design to feel cluttered.

Green walls are perfect for modern spaces, and other design styles such as boho/americana etc.

Green Paint vs. A Green Plant Accent Wall - A Comparison

There are two main differences when it comes to deciding whether to paint a wall or add in a moss wall. These are time, and effort.

With both you will need to pay for the end result (paint or the artwork). However with paint, you will still need to do all the prep work, and possibly hire out for execution.

When you buy a piece of our plant art, all you need to do is hang/place your item, sit down and enjoy!

green accent wall plants

Green Plant Walls - How Do You Maintain Them?

Our preserved moss artworks require little to no maintenance. You do not need to water, prune or really do anything to maintain them. They are lush to the touch, and if you want to dust them you can use a blow dryer and simply 'blow away' any dust that may accumulate over time.

Green Wall Back Drops - The Best Way To Create Visual Impact In Your Decor 

As you can see with our artworks at Art Botanica we are BIG fans of creating spaces that mimic the beauty of nature. We love merging indoor and outdoor design aesthetics that result in opulent feeling spaces, without all the effort it takes to keep up with the changing trends of the design world.

Adding a green wall to your space will without a doubt create a visual impact and we are here for it! 

Check out our collection and purchase your own zero maintenance vertical garden for your indoor/outdoor space. 

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