Green Moss Walls: Perfect For Plant Lovers

Green Moss Walls: Perfect For Plant Lovers

Moss Wall Panels With Zero Maintenance

If you are plant obsessed, or a designer who loves a space that grounds the room, green moss walls are the perfect accent piece for your next interior/exterior space.

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Living Moss Walls Vs. Preserved Moss Walls, what is the difference?

Live moss is actually planted and requires regular maintenance and monitoring of water levels and sunlight exposure. 

Preserved moss is dehydrated by way of removing the plants moisture content and replacing it with glycerol which results in a zero maintenance plant, with 100% of its original beauty.

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How Long Will A Green Moss Wall Last/

Once the moss has been preserved it can last up to several years.

Do Green Moss Walls Need To Be Watered?

No. Since the moss wall has been processed to almost appear "artificial", there is no water involved in the maintenance process. This makes these wall art accents an easy decision to purchase.

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Preserved Green Moss Wall Benefits

When it comes to accent walls not all options are created equal. With live green walls there is a ton of maintenance, set up costs and even irrigation needs.

With preserved walls all that is required is to purchase your art piece, hang or place it and enjoy it's beauty. This eliminates the risk of having to always maintain your green wall, and allows you to simply enjoy its beauty.

Green moss walls purify the air, ground the space they are in and encourage a sense of relaxation.

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