Is Preserved Moss Alive? I Art Botanica

Is Preserved Moss Alive? I Art Botanica

Preserved moss is a trendy and zero maintenance alternative to indoor plants is a trendy and sustainable alternative to traditional indoor plants, and that is why this unique art form continues to take the art an decor world by storm. You may be wondering though; what is preserved moss, and how long does it last? This article will help you get those answers.

Is Preserved Moss Alive?

Preserved moss is natural moss that has had glycerin/water added and the moisture removed which allows the moss to maintain its natural appearance/softness, while also making it the easiest "plant" to take care of. 

Preserved moss comes in many forms. Loose moss, moss art, wall art installations and even outdoor art installations. Moss walls are a great option for large-scale events, especially if you find an artist who can create a customized item. 

Preserved Moss Benefits

1. Preserved Moss Requires No Maintenance

One of the most significant benefits of preserved moss is that it requires no maintenance. With traditional house plants, or even a live plant wall, sunlight, room temperature and watering schedules need to be in place.

One the moss has been preserved is is essentially self sufficient. This makes it perfect for anyone who travels, or who simply loves the look of plants, but doesn't have the the time to tend to them.

2. Preserved Moss Can Last For Years

Even without regular maintenance these botanical art pieces maintain their color and softness long term. Its natural beauty is the perfect accent to any room.

It can be hard to choose the main colors for any space as design trends are constantly changing. Moss however grounds a space visually and also acts as a neutral in your color palette. When you invest in moss wall art, you are providing yourself with an accent piece that will last for years!

3. Preserved Moss Is Perfect For Modern Decor

Preserved moss is incredibly versatile. At Art Botanica we had had customers from all industries; home decor enthusiasts, retail spaces and even large scale events.  

Moss walls really bring a space to life. Since they vary in texture, it is hard to not notice them when you enter a space.

is preserved moss alive

4. Preserved Moss Can Improve Elements of Your Health

In addition to its aesthetic benefits, preserved moss can also provide health benefits. Moss not only makes your space feel more tranquil, but it can absorb air pollutants. It can also absorb excess moisture in the air, helping to regulate humidity levels and prevent mold growth.

Preserved Moss Comes With Endless Benefits

In conclusion, if you are a plant lover or design enthusiast, preserved moss is a sustainable, low-maintenance, and versatile alternative to traditional indoor plants. It can last for several years (win), it can be used in a ton of varying spaces (double win), and its provides both aesthetic and health benefits to any space. And that is why I think moss art is something everyone needs in their life!

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