Art Botanica: The Benefits of Living Plant Art

Art Botanica: The Benefits of Living Plant Art

There is just something so beautiful about nature. Its lush greenery, the ability to provide a sense of tranquility, and simply feeling closer to the natural elements created in our environment. Living plant art isn't just a design preference, it is a unique piece of art that adds 'value' to each space it's placed in.

That is why I feel called to work with this amazing medium (moss), and love that through my custom work at Art Botanica I am able to share my moss artwork with others.

Living Plant Art: Connecting To Nature

Incorporating living plant art into your living space is a great way to connect with nature and bring the natural elements of our environment right inside. Plants are an important part of living and are needed for our survival, so why not take that idea and make it one step further by bringing them inside, or adding them to your everyday environment. The 'visual warmth' has been proven to help people feel calmer and more grounded.

living plant wall

Living Plant Art: Perfect For Residental Spaces

At Art Botanica we design with all users in mind. Whether you want an accent piece or a full moss art wall we can design for you. Moss walls are a great way to merge all of the elements of successful design into your home; color, texture and visual impact.

Living Plant Art: Make Your Retail Space Stand Out

Feeling comfortable is the best way to ensure customers buy or stay and enjoy your retail space and products and plant walls are a great way to provide a sense of comfort. Plants will naturally evoke a sense of being 'down to earth' which will communicate to your customer, trust & comfort - which I feel positively impacts their emotions & can add to their sense of enjoyment when interacting in your space.

Living plant art

Living Plant Art: Natural Air Purification

Moss art is living plant artwork that can be incorporated into living spaces and retail settings to create an atmosphere of tranquility, relieve stress and purify the air. They have been known to decrease blood pressure and increase feelings of wellness which is a hell yes to us!

Living Plant Art: Where To Buy Artwork

There are many artists who have fallen in love with this medium. One of them being us Art Botanica. We take pride in the small details and have the success of creating artwork large venues, retail spaces, corporate events, fundraisers, and even the private homes of our wonderful customers.

Visit Art Botanica to shop our best sellers.

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