Living Wall Company Art Botanica

Living Wall Company Art Botanica

Living Wall Company Art Botanica

Living walls and preserved moss walls have become increasingly popular in the design world and with home decor enthusiasts alike. At Art Botanica we are truly proud to be a living wall company that brings beauty, luxury and nature to our clients interior and exterior spaces.

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Living Wall Companies & Preserved Moss Art: Are they the same?

Live walls and preserved moss walls are similar in that they add a feeling of tranquility and tend to brighten any space they are in. There are however a few differences; especially when it comes to long term maintenance.

True "live walls" can be created with actual plants, soil and potting which can require regular watering, trimming, temperature & light control. Which is not ideal for retail, corporate or home spaces where time is limited.

Moss wall art is different in that it can provide the comparative beauty to the live wall, yet is have virtually little to no maintenance once it is hung up in the space you love.

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Is Art Botanica A Living Wall Company?

Art Botanica was created by artist Kelley Anderson who is based in Los Angeles. Kelley has been working with plants and natural materials since early childhood, she draws on her meditative practice, and hopes that her work will inspire people to stay connected with the beautiful properties that moss art bring into one's life and space. 

Do Living Wall Companies Design For Retail & Residential?

We can't speak for other companies in our industry, however at Art Botanica we have artworks that are suitable for various spaces. Here is a list of our best sellers.

Since Art Botanica was created, we have created custom works for retail spaces, events, and custom artworks as requested by our customers. Here are some of our custom artworks.

Moss Art Is Beautiful & Super Easy To Take Care Of

In this modern age time seems to be the biggest challenge that most of us face. That is why we love the simplicity that preserved moss art provides.

Moss art designed by us does not require potting, watering, temperature control (within reason of course) and sunlight isn't a huge issue either.

This article will go over everything you need to know prior to buying.

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In our humble opinion if you love the look of plant decor, and don't have a 'green thumb', or time to create your own live wall, buying a piece of preserved moss art is a fantastic option.

Green moss wall art adds a sense of tranquility, vibrancy and modern minimalism to each and every space it is placed within and that is why it is taking over the design space and industry.

Visit our shop to view our collection & add a 'green wall' to your space. 

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