Everything You Need to Know About Moss Panel Wall Art

Everything You Need to Know About Moss Panel Wall Art

Looking for an exciting and unique way to add life and texture to your walls? Moss panels are a beautiful and captivating way to liven up any wall space, with the potential to turn it into something special and one-of-a-kind. Learn how you can use this classic art form in your home décor!

What is Moss Panel Wall Art?

Moss panel wall art is a creative and unique way to spruce up your walls! It's an all-natural art form that utilizes real plants and preserved moss, creating a vibrant, mesmerizing display for all types of spaces. The panels can be designed in countless shapes and sizes, letting you bring nature directly into your home, unlike any other form of wall art.

These panels come in different sizes and shapes, allowing you to customize them according to your tastes and preferences.

Are The Plants Real in Moss Walls?

Moss wall art typically consists of two different types. One being natural, with live plants that require sunlight, regular maintenance and sometimes expensive and complex sunlight needs.

The other type of moss panels are those that are designed with preserved moss. Preserved moss is our personal favorite as it requires little to no maintenance, and even though the water has been removed, and replaced with glycerin, the greenery still maintains its lush qualities. This makes it perfect for anyone busy, or people who enjoy the plant aesthetic, but don’t have a green thumb.

Maintaining Moss Panels and Lighting Tips

To keep your moss wall art panels looking beautiful, it's important to give them the proper maintenance. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth will help remove dust and dirt that has built up over time. When using lighting to make the panel art stand out, cool white lights are recommended for the best look.

Benefits of Moss Panel Wall Art

Moss panel wall art is a great addition to any home. Not only does it look great, but it also provides numerous benefits, including being an effective natural air purifier, eco-friendly and requiring minimal upkeep. Moss panels can also be used as insulation or soundproofing material in rooms. With these advantages, moss panel wall art is the perfect choice for bringing some beauty and practicality to your home décor! In addition to that, they’re eco-friendly and require zero upkeep. (That's if your art piece is preserved like we use in our designs at Art Botanica).

Moss Panels Bring Nature Indoors

As with any art form, moss panels provide an interior design solution. They provide a beautiful and unique look to any room and can be used in both modern and traditional settings. Additionally, since they’re made from plants, they create a calming visual effect and help improve air quality throughout the space. All of these advantageous attributes combined make moss panel wall art a great addition to any home.

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