Moss Wall Art vs Living Walls by Art Botanica

Moss Wall Art vs Living Walls

You may have heard of Living Walls, Live Walls, Vertical Gardens, and even seen them around, but do you know what the difference is between moss wall art v.s living walls and how it differs? Moss Wall Art is popping up everywhere and it's time to jump on the moss train…..

Moss Wall Art is made from 100% real preserved moss, meaning it's no longer alive  (although it looks and feels very much alive), and live walls are, well um, ALIVE, and therefore require daily water, sun, and maintenance. And, no joke, but they do even better when you talk to them and tell them you love them. Plants have feelings too, you know.

But most people struggle with the time and attention required to upkeep live plants, and other plant decor. There is nothing more deflating than to see your beloved plant turning brown and zombie- like after you’ve watered it like it's your full time job.

Live walls, ie living walls, are stunning when they are healthy and thriving. I mean look at this beauty….

Who wouldn’t want that in their home or on their patio? My hand is raised ;) But with a price tag of $200 per square foot and upwards, the system of pumps and filters it requires, and the gal or guy with a green thumb you'll have to hire to take care of (it’s kind of like a fish tank) and it's enough to set most people off.

This is exactly why I started creating moss walls. Moss wall art gives you the same live plant decor look, but will last decades without any care whatsoever. It’s a win-win. You get to look like you are the plant decor master, but little do they know you don’t even have to lay a finger on it. Go ahead, and put your feet up and watch another episode of Friends, because you've got the extra time!

The best part about a moss wall is that it gives you the look of a living wall plant decor, but you do not have to do anything at all to take care of it! That’s right, just hang it and walk away. Set it and forget. Fugeddaboutit. You get the point- it’s easy peasy! Moss walls are the perfect solution for all you type A-overscheduled-running around like crazy people- you know who you are! (Yes I too am in Overscheduled Anonymous.)

We all know it just feels good to have plants in your home. There is just something about something green and of the earth that brings a peaceful vibe and good energy. At the end of a long day it feels good to gaze  at your beautiful, vibrant, lush moss wall art, as it sits there looking oh so pretty on your wall.

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