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7 Benefits of Moss Art: Plant Art For The Mind & Body

Homeowners and interior design enthusiasts have been adding new life to their homes with plant art. Plant art, or plantscaping, is most commonly done in the form of moss walls and art frames.

Beyond just their eye-catching look and unique texture, moss art can add some benefits to your home, which we’ll be looking at.

Getting Started with Moss Art

There is not just one type of moss or plant art you can get. Instead, there are lots of different options and sizes that are often custom-made for spaces. 

The most popular kind is probably a moss wall, which is when a whole or half wall is covered with moss, in a pleasing pattern.

You can also get smaller, framed pieces of plant art which are a bit easier to start with. Other options include installations, room dividers, and more. 

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Preserved vs. Living Moss Art

You’ll first want to know whether you’re using preserved or living moss for your plant art. Preserved moss art uses glycerin to extend the moss's lifespan and decrease the need for maintenance. 

If you go for a living moss wall, you’ll have to use a hydroponic irrigation system or mist them daily yourself. Which can be tricky if you live in an environment that varies in temperature and varying degrees of sunlight.

Preserved moss art requires no additional care or watering which makes it perfect for someone who loves design, but doesn't have the time for upkeep.

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7 Benefits of Moss Art

Better Air Quality

Moss is actually a great air purifier. Air pollution can be a serious factor in one’s health. It can contribute to strokes, lung cancer, and heart disease. Moss walls take pollutants from the air and convert them into its own biomass, including air-borne bacteria, making for a great way to clear the air, so to speak.

Balancing Humidity

Moss is great at stabilizing the moisture level of the air, keeping humidity around 50 percent. Moss art absorbs moisture when humidity is high and releases it when humidity is low, acting as a regulator. Studies have even shown that humidity control can help control disease spread.

Less Stress

When researchers measured the stress levels of employees who worked around plants vs. those without plants in their environment, they found the ones with plants in their office were 12 percent less stressed than those without them. Other studies have shown similar results. A moss wall is a great way to gain access to this effect.

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Lower Energy Costs

Having a large enough moss wall can start a process that cools down the wall in the summer months. Then, during the winter, the moss acts as an insulator, reducing heating costs. Overall, a substantial moss wall can help with the energy bill all year round.

Reduces airborne dust

When Moss filters the air, it also filters the dust particles in the room. Moss subsists off of decomposing organic substances, so the dust and bacteria are food for it. As a result, when we inhale airborne dust, there are many potential contaminants.  

Productivity booster

Plants have also been shown to boost productivity in the workplace. For example, when a Texas study gave participants one office with plants, one with sculptures, and one with no decorations, they found that they solved more problems and had greater creativity in the plant office. 

Better Focus

Finally, a study in England found that students were up to 70% more focused when they were taught in classrooms with plants. It also found that attendance went up. 

Plants are such a natural, soothing part of our prehistoric environment. In today’s day and age, having some plants around us in our homes and workspaces can give us a wide range of benefits.

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