Plant Decor - The New Way To Decorate With Plants

Plant Decor - The New Way To Decorate With Plants

Have you ever seen a beautiful image of moss and wondered how it would look in your living room? Or maybe, while walking through a park you saw a beautiful planter blooming with flowers and thought how pretty it was. Well, if you've ever thought of any of these things and have been looking for ideas to step up you plant decor, then read on to learn more about the newest way to decorate with plants — moss art!

Moss art is perfect for plant decor, as it can be used to decorate your walls without the commitment to color, or a particular art style.

Not everyone is familiar with moss art. In fact, this design trend has slowly been picking up speed in modern home decor trends, event spaces as backdrops, and even corporate applications.

Moss Art is a culmination of various types of preserved moss, put together to create a unique artwork/design that is plush, vibrant, and even improves the air quality of the space it is placed in.

There are many different kinds of moss art, from framed to intricate designs.

At Art Botanica we offer a ton of different design options. Our unique pieces are handmade to ensure the best quality of moss and final product, and we love combining different materials to create stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces.

We have moss artworks that combine crystals, and flowers, and even are placed on a mirrored background.

We do recognize though that it is tough to find the perfect sizing for your own design needs so many of our customers choose to create a custom piece built just for them.

Moss art is the easiest plant decor choice out there! 

The absolute BEST thing about preserved moss artwork is that it requires almost zero maintenance or watering.

For people like myself who love the look of plants, but travel a lot, or just don't have the time to care for plants, this is hands down a reason to invest in one of these wall artworks.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using moss as part of your plant decor decorating scheme.

Moss art is a great way to add color without having to worry about painting or choosing the perfect art style for your space.

I don't know about you but choosing a "type" of art can be so stressful. Maybe you like the modern aesthetic, but for art you are more traditional. Choosing to decorate with moss art provides a huge visual impact, without all the color commitment and that's why I love it.

Moss art is a plant decor lovers dream IMO.

Plant decor is one of the newest ways for you to bring some greenery into your home.

Our love for and connection with nature is as old as time itself. It's embedded in everything we are, from our bodies to our hearts. Connecting with nature not only improves stress levels, it connects us back to the simple beauties that life offers.

When you decorate your space with plants helps provide a sense of grounding that no other artwork can provide.

Check out our collection and take your plant decor to the next level with our help!

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