Preserved Moss vs Live Moss - Which Is Best? I Art Botanica

Preserved Moss vs Live Moss - Which Is Best? I Art Botanica

Preserved Vs. Live Moss - Which Moss Is A Better Choice?

Moss is a wonderful addition to any interior or exterior design space. It has been in existence for centuries as a natural plant & is now turning into the visual accent that grounds the room it is placed within.

Preserved Moss - A Summary

What is a preserved moss?

Preserved moss is moss that has undergone a preservation process where the moisture has been removed, and replaced with glycerin.

Preserved Moss Is A 100% Natural Product

Preserved moss is a great decor option if you're looking for easy-to-care-for plant art that doesn't need much attention. 

This type of preserved moss does not require any watering and will last longer than live plants because it has been dried out before being preserved. It also has an indefinite shelf life. It can be maintained for years without loss of color or fading.

Nothing artificial has been added to the moss during the process. With preserved, you can rest assured that there are no harmful chemicals or toxins in your home.

This means it's safe for anyone who may have allergies or sensitivities to indoor air pollutants and other allergens found in traditional decorating materials (such as dust mites).

In fact, many people who suffer from asthma and allergies use preserved moss as an alternative to live plants because of its low-dust characteristics!

Preserved Moss is lighter than live moss because it doesn't require soil underneath it or water on top of it in order for it to stay alive (and beautiful!). It also takes up less space than live plants do since they need room not only for themselves but also their roots which can spread outwards quite far before finding support beneath them -- whereas preserved ones don't need much space at all!

Live Moss - A Summary

What is live moss?

Live moss is a plant that requires water to survive. It can be grown indoors or outdoors and requires light to thrive. When choosing between preserved and live moss for your home, keep in mind that live moss needs more care than preserved varieties because it needs water to stay alive.

    Live Moss Care

    Live Moss will grow in a wide range of environments as long as there is moisture and moderate lighting. But if the air temperature drops below freezing or if you are in an arid environment with little humidity it probably won’t survive. It also requires consistent watering and misting every now and then to stay alive.

    If your environment is too dry or cold, live moss may not survive. However, preserved moss can be used almost anywhere as it’s been treated with chemicals so it can withstand humidity fluctuations or freezing temperatures.

    Preserved Moss Vs Live Moss - A Comparison

    Moss is a great option when you are looking to add color and texture to your space.

    Preserved moss is a 100% natural product, nothing artificial has been added to the moss during the process. During the preservation process the moss plant is soaked in glycerin and water. This solution replaces the water content and allows the moss to retain its plush look and feel.

    Preserved moss requires little or no maintenance, whereas live moss needs constant watering, sunlight, ventilation and some misting every now and then in order to survive. Therefore, when deciding on which moss type is best for you, time, environment & budget must be considered.

    Appearance: Preserved vs Live Moss

    Preserved moss is more durable, more natural looking and more colorful.

    Preserved moss is more uniform in size and shape.

    Preserved moss is also more versatile than live moss because you can use it as a backdrop/accent wall or as a unique artwork.

    Live moss will appear less uniform, and "uncontrolled visually".

    Grooming both the preserved and live moss

    Mosses are not like other plants. With a preserved moss art piece there is almost zero maintenance. Whereas live moss will require pruning, watering and an irrigation system to maintain its health.

    There's no denying that there are pros and cons to both types of mosses. But if you're looking for something low maintenance that requires less care than a typical houseplant (and is just as beautiful), then preserved moss may be the best option for you!

    Cost of Preserved Moss vs Live Moss

    Preserved moss is cheaper than live moss because it's less labor-intensive to install and lasts longer. Live moss requires more effort to keep alive, and its shelf life is shorter than that of preserved moss. If you want to use live moss without having to worry about maintaining it, your best bet is getting a pre-made planter with live plants already included!

    Preserved Moss vs Live Moss - Who's The Winner?

    The bottom line is, both have their advantages and disadvantages but preserved moss has proven to be more advantageous in most applications.

    In terms of durability and cost effectiveness, preserved moss wins out every time.

    When it comes to maintenance and shelf life, preserved moss is far easier to maintain than fresh or live moss because it isn't alive—therefore there's no need for light or water (and if they're not present they won't die)!


    Preserved moss is a great option for anyone looking to add some color and texture to their home, office or retail space. In fact, all of our artworks are easy to install and last for years!

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