The Complete Guide to Preserved Moss Wall Art

The Complete Guide to Preserved Moss Wall Art: All You Need to Know

Moss wall art is contemporary wall art that uses moss to create a natural, organic pattern.

Moss Wall Art has been gaining popularity in the last few years. It's a new form of art that can be used in both interior and exterior spaces to add natural depth and texture. The use of moss offers a beautiful contrast against the starkness of modern architecture, or it can be used to soften up walls in more rustic spaces. . Moss walls both inside and outside add a soft, natural, and earthy element to a home. Moss walls are not just for the outdoors. You can use moss wall art to create a green wall inside your home to make it feel more organic.

The moss wall art can be attached to the walls with simple adhesive or stapled to the wall. It is best to use plastered walls for this type of wall art.

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What is the Process of Creating a Preserved Moss Wall?

There are many considerations when it comes to creating a preserved moss wall. Planning, safety, and materials are all things that must be considered in the process.

The first step to creating a preserved moss wall is to plan what you want it to look like. This can include sketches or even just an idea of what you're after. Next, figure out safety measures for the project. You need to know where you can get the materials from and how much time you have before the project needs to be completed. When it comes to creating a preserved moss wall, there really isn't a wrong or right way, but that does not mean that there is a learning curve involved so if you are not crafty, and want to ensure that your live wall turns out perfectly for your decor needs it may be best to purchase it.

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How Much Does it Cost to Make a Preserved Moss Wall?

A moss wall can add a modern twist to any interior design. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to install considering that this product requires little to no maintenance.

The cost of a preserved moss wall depends on the size, color, and type of substrate that you prefer to use for installation.

Preserved moss walls are available in different sizes and colors and can be mounted onto any flat surface such as brick, plaster, concrete, or stone.

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Can I Make My Own Preserved Moss Wall?

Many people are looking for ways to create an environmentally friendly and affordable wall coverings option.

Moss wall coverings are a natural design option that can be created without requiring too much time or money on the homeowner's part.

A preserved moss wall is an excellent way to create an organic look with a modern twist. A preserved moss wall can be made in person, or you can order one from a company that specializes in them such as our company, Art Botanica.

We suggest to purchase your vertical garden if you are putting it into an interior space that demands luxury. Creating living moss walls can be done by a beginner, but in our opinion working with artificial plants requires practice to create the style details & plant textures that a unique piece of art can bring to life.

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However, if you do decide to grab your hot glue gun and investigate a few "how to' videos these are some tips to help you deliver distinctive beauty and a piece of nature to your indoor space.

First, you just need to decide which type of moss you want to use, purchase it, and then place it on your designated wall area. Once you have placed the moss on your wall, you will want to use an adhesive to keep it in place. If you are going to be keeping the moss in a certain place for a long period of time, then you will want to use a strong adhesive. However, if you are only using the moss for a temporary decorative touch, then the heavy-duty adhesive is unnecessary. If you do not know what type of adhesive to use, it is best to purchase some moss already attached to a surface. You can also have the moss attached to pieces of wood, which you can then use to make your own decorative sections.

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What can be used as the frame and foundation?

There are many options for what you can use for your frame for moss walls. You can DIY a frame by following these three simple steps:

1) cut the wood,

2) then attach the boards together

3) paint or stain it!

Or, if you're not up for that project, try using an empty frame that already has backing installed where the moss will adhere to. 

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How long do preserved moss walls last?

Moss walls of various types and shapes can last up to eight years before needing professional touch-ups. The lifespan of the Moss wall depends on the type of moss used, the humidity in its environment, and whether it is out of human reach. The lower part will wear down first due to exposure to environmental factors such as watering or lack thereof. The wall needs to be cleaned of dust regularly with a damp cloth and avoided being hit by the elements (rain, direct sunlight, wind, etc.). The wall becomes more beautiful with the passing of time as moss and lichen grow on it. Because of this, it is important that the wall is not cleaned thoroughly between each growth of moss and lichen. The overall effect is very beautiful, and it is a great addition to the House.

What is preserved moss art?

FAQs Section
How do you keep moss walls preserved?

Moss walls require minimal maintenance and no irrigation, trimming, or feeding. If you provide proper humidity levels and schedule an annual tune-up, then your moss will stay healthy and pretty.

Do preserved moss attract bugs?

Preserved moss walls are real, but not living and do not require any tending like soil or water. They should not be kept in high-intensity light and do not attract bugs.

Is preserved moss toxic?

No, Preserved moss is completely safe (non-toxic) and easy to use. Moss can be dried and treated chemically to last for years, perfect for adding some texture & height to your home.

How long does preserved moss wall art last?

The life span of preserved moss wall art is one of the most frequently asked questions. Well maintained preserved moss walls can last anywhere from 2-8 years. How long these living walls last in interior spaces comes down to a few key items; the type of moss used, the moisture of the environment, and how much contact is typically made with the plants.

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