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The Best Option For Indoor Plants: Zero Maintenance or Watering

The Best Indoor Plant With Zero To Low Maintenance

If you landed on this article I can bet that that idea of being surrounded by greenery is a dream of yours. Having plants in your house is the best way to boost the vibrancy of any room, while at the same time "grounding it", with the beauty of nature. But what if you suck at taking care of plants? What is the best indoor plant with low maintenance if time or attention to detail is not in your wheelhouse?.... Preserved Moss Art. This indoor plant "option" is the absolute best way to have the beauty of plants in your house, without the effort of stressing to keep them alive.

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Moss Art Is The Best Alternative To A Modern House Plant

If you are new to moss art, let me introduce you to the magical blend of lush greenery and modern wall art. Moss walls have slowly been taking the design world by storm, and for good reason.

Preserved moss is natural moss that has had the water content removed and replaced by glycerol. This process allows moss to be used in wall art and in my opinion is the easiest plant to take care of.

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Moss Plants Are Hard To Kill

Have you ever been browsing at the local Lowe's and find a lush houseplant that just looks so vibrant and perfect, only to come home and 7 days in you are desperately trying to revive it back to it's original beauty? So have I!

Moss plant are is perfect because once you buy your artwork, all you have to do is hang it and admire it's beauty. Preserved moss requires zero maintenance and will maintain its lush green qualities for years to come.

Low Maintenance Plants - Do They Really Exist?

There are definitely plants that take less effort to manage. However what I have found is that even if they require less watering, they still require a ton of monitoring. In order for a plant to truly thrive it will need: watering, re-potting, the appropriate temperature etc. It is also hard to find a plant that is large enough to make the visual impact needed to really spice up the design of a room. Moss wall art achieves that goal easily.

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Using Plants Inside The House As Accents To Your Moss Wall

As a design enthusiast there is not much I love more than a well put together space. Every space that you occupy has the ability to help you feel luxurious, relaxed, focused or even romantic. Using plant art such as moss is the perfect accent piece and ironically transforms any space it is used for decoration.

There is a unique feeling of tranquility that comes with having art that feels alive and this is why I think moss wall art is starting to take the design world by storm.

Moss walls are a great zero maintenance alternative to paint, wall paper etc and the added texture of the artwork is what will take your space to the next level. I like to use them as accent or feature pieces and then add in other smaller house plants to bring the look together.

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Moss Walls Are The Easiest Plants To Take Care Of

I bet that when you first clicked on this blog you weren't expecting to find this new, amazing way of decorating your house. I do hope though that finding out about moss wall art has intrigued you enough to consider it as an alternate option to the standard house plant. (I know you won't regret it!).

Low maintenance plants are rarely all that low maintenance to be honest and if you are anything like me getting back even 10 minutes in your day is incredibly valuable! I want that for you too.

Visit this link to check out our best sellers, say goodbye to your grandmother's watering can and sit back and enjoy the tranquil luxury that a piece of Art Botanica can add to your life.

xo, Kelley


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