5 Vertical Gardening Designs For Your Home

5 Vertical Gardening Designs that Will Make Your Home Look Amazing

Every house I have lived in has always had some sort of plant decor. To me the natural beauty of plants & enjoying the aesthetic of a vertical garden, adds a luxurious quality I am unable to give up!

What is vertical gardening?

Vertical gardening has grown into an indoor garden aesthetic decor "junkies" are raving about.

Planters are stacked typically against a wall, and plants are grown and stacked upon one another to create the overall look of a living wall, but indoor.

Green Wall Panel Ideas

Living walls and green walls are the perfect design addition to any home as they allow you the freedom of NOT having to choose a wall color or specific art piece.

The lush green leaves provide a sense of grounding to the space, and the texture and 3D qualities of a vertical garden make any space really stand out!

Are there any drawbacks to using vertical gardens?

In my opinion YES! Vertical gardens are amazing for those with a green thumb, or in temperature and light controlled environments. The only issue? They require a ton of maintenance. Pruning of leaves, watering, soil changes etc.

If this sounds like a lot of effort that your lifestyle may not be able to accommodate; we think that considering preserved moss art would be a great alternative for the same beautiful look.

Indoor Vertical Planters Vs. Moss Art - A Comparison

The main difference between live vertical planters, and moss art, is that live vertical gardens are created by grouping greenery that is planted into stacking units to create a unified group of plants as seen below.

Vertical garden

Whereas moss artworks tend to be grouped together and create a unified green wall. (as seen below)

Vertical garden alternative

Green Wall Panel Ideas - Live or Preserved Best?

Choosing which option is best for you to me comes down to two main things. 

1. Time - If you travel a lot, or aren't the best with taking care of potted plants having a live wall may be challenging.

2. Maintenance - Preserved moss walls are perfect if you want to experience the beauty of a vertical garden without having to maintain it year round.

Preserved moss wall art requires little to no maintenance and that is why it continues to take the design industry by storm.

Make Your Space Look Amazing (without zero effort on your part!) With These 5 Art Botanica Wall Art Best Sellers

1. Terra Moss Art

Terra Moss Art

2. Flower Power Moss Art

Flower Power Moss Art

3. River Moss Art

River Moss Art

4. Crystallized Moss Art

crystallised moss art

5. Light Break Moss Art

light break moss art

Moss art is the perfect alternative vertical gardens if you want a zero maintenance option that is still gorgeous!

Check out our collection and purchase your own zero maintenance vertical garden for your indoor/outdoor space. 

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