Live Wall Installation, You Matter - Art Botanica


I really enjoyed creating this "YOU MATTER" moss wall, just a few sort years ago, right before the pandemic. It was one of the last events I did in fact. What is most memorable is all the smiling faces who stood in front of this wall to capture a photo moment, standing in front the the vast green live wall - lookalike that had a beautiful message placed upon it!

Moss Art Live Wall Living Wall Plant Decor

This event was super special to me because it was a celebration for a personal transformation group that I have been quite involved in over the past few years. This program (called MITT, Mastery in Transformative Training), is all about leveling up and creating the life you want, and doing it NOW! It has changed my life so much, in so many ways, words can't even fully express how grateful I am for this workshop.

Moss Art Plant Decor Live Wall Living Wall

This course also is a big reason behind Art Botanica's success. I wouldn't have a career in moss art, live walls, and plant decor if I hadn't taken the time to invest in myself first. I learned how to eliminate my self-limiting beliefs and other thoughts that got in the way to my success. I made so many connections with amazing people and collaborations ensued. I learned how to set my goals HIGH, like really HIGH, and know I can and will get there.

Moss Art Moss Wall Live Wall

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