Create & Cultivate at Coachella

Create & Cultivate at Coachella: Moss Wall Photo Op by Kelley Anderson/Art Botanica and Kelsea Olivia/East Olivia

I had the pleasure or collating with the fabulous Kelsey Olivia, of East Olivia, on this beautiful photo op for Create & Cultivate x Coachella 2019. If you'd like to see a recap of this event here you go: This moss mural was created for Create & Cultivate 2018 by Art Botanica.

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Imagine Power

Imagine Power Moss Wall / Live Wall by Kelley Anderson of Art Botanica

Kelley Anderson of Art Botanica created this giant 20ft moss wall with live tropical palms that served as a pooh app and backdrop for PowerFest 2019.  

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Republic Records for Coachella

Republic Records Party at Coachella: Live Wall Botanical Installation by Kelley Anderson of Art Botanica

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YOU MATTER Moss Wall (Live Wall Look-alike) by Kelley Anderson of Art Botanica

I really enjoyed creating this "YOU MATTER" moss wall, just a few sort years ago, right before the pandemic. It was one of the last events I did in fact. What is most memorable is all the smiling faces who stood in front of this wall to capture a photo moment, standing in front the the vast green live wall - lookalike that had a beautiful message placed upon it! This event was super special to me because it was a celebration for a personal transformation group that I have been quite involved in over the past few years. This...

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