Our Evolution: From Art Botanica to The Botanica House

We are excited to share with you a pivotal moment of our company, where the leadership torch has been passed from our founder, Kelley Anderson, to her dedicated partner, Karissa Kaneshiro.


A Visionary Founder 

Kelley Anderson, our visionary founder, laid the foundation for our journey in the world of preserved moss art. Her passion for nature, artistry, and sustainability was the driving force behind our company's early success. Kelley's dedication and creativity inspired us all.

The Next Chapter

As Kelley enters a new phase of her journey, she has entrusted the company's future to her long-standing partner, Karissa Kaneshiro. Karissa has been an integral part of our team, sharing Kelley's vision and values.


Continuity and Innovation

With a background in fine arts, she combines her passions to create unique artworks that capture the essence of nature. Karissa's journey began with a deep appreciation for the intricate beauty of mosses and the desire to preserve their charm. 

Karissa is committed to upholding the principles that Kelley established while also infusing fresh energy and ideas into our company. With this transition, we are excited to continue providing you with preserved moss art that is both captivating and environmentally responsible.

A Meaningful Intersection of Art and Nature

Beyond aesthetics, Karissa's art serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between human creativity and the beauty of the natural world. Her preserved moss art resonates with art lovers, collectors, and those who value environmental preservation, sparking a meaningful dialogue about art, nature, and sustainability.

Our Promise Remains Strong

The core values of sustainability, artistry, and innovation that have defined us from the beginning remain unwavering. The Botanica House, under Karissa's leadership, will continue to create unique and sustainable preserved moss art pieces that celebrate the beauty of the natural world. We look forward to this new chapter and are excited about the future of our company under Karissa's guidance. Thank you for your continued support, and we invite you to join us on this journey of artistry and nature at The Botanica House.