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Blue Dot Moss Art

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Blue Dot Moss is a one-of-a-kind moss wall art piece made from real preserved moss and requires no maintenance at all!

⚬ Created with real moss and preserved ferns.
⚬ Various sizes are available. To request a custom size and to find out costs, please reach out to me directly. Click here
⚬ Your choice of colored frame: dark brown wood, white, or black frame.
⚬ This artwork requires no maintenance or watering, ideal if you are away a lot.
⚬ Requires no sunlight, perfect to brighten a darker room in your home.
⚬ Impeccably packaged to arrive safely and intact.

⚬ Processing time takes approximately 4-6 weeks.
⚬ Due to the handmade nature of this piece, your Moss Art may vary slightly from the piece shown here, but will include the same overall look, feel, and elements – making yours truly one-of-a-kind!
⚬ They are fragile and although we do our very best to securely package them, on rare occasions yours may arrive damaged. We will get you a new moss piece ASAP, but you must:
  1. Open the package upon receipt (don't wait days/weeks to open)
  2. Take detailed pictures of the product damage AND the box damage and message me. If your piece arrives damaged we will replace it, but we will not refund it.
⚬ Do not water your moss art. It is preserved and doesn't need watering.
⚬ Your moss art may smell "Earthy" upon arrival. This is normal, and over a few weeks, it will fully go away. Some people love the smell, others do not, and most don't even notice it.  If you are particularly sensitive I recommend you place it in a well-ventilated room, or outside, but out of the elements like a covered patio. In a few short weeks, the smell will be 100% gone. As a last resort, we can send you deodorizing spray to help expedite the process. I have sold thousands of pieces and no one has had complaints about the smell lasting over a few week’s time, so please be patient, it's a natural product.

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